Join us to Save the Children

Our mission is to help the children affected by wars and conflicts around the world. Join us today and make a difference in their lives.

About Save the Children

We are a group of 5th grade students in Almashrek International School (Hashim Al Tarawneh, Ibrahim Al Kurdi, Laith Jalal, Aniket Sacdeva) on a mission to spread awareness about the children affected by wars and conflicts around the world. Our goal is to make a difference in the lives of these children and help them build a better future by bringing attention to the struggle of children impacted by warfare and disputes.

Our Projects

All About Conflicts

This video that we created shows the most important information about conflicts, including definition, reasons, impact, resolutions, and perspectives

Let's Not Ever Forget

The Eyes of the Children

Kids around the world are suffering from conflicts, their life is not the same anymore ... don't let their dreams crushed... Stop the War

Photos and videos are credited to their original publisher

Interview with Mr. Mohammad Al Tarawneh, Former UN Diplomat, Head of UN-CRPD, and a Goodwill Ambassador for Peace and Diplomacy, about human rights in post conflicts zones.

Conflict Important


Interview with Mr. Ali Bibi, FUNHCR/ UNSMIL - UN in Libya, about UN role in supporting peacekeeping around the world

Fundraising Event... coming soon

We will host a fundraising event to collect funds for children in need of medical care and basic necessities.

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Do Something Great neon sign

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